SecurWall Prerelease 0.98

Image SecurWall Prerelease 0.98
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    Windows XP/2000/ME/98 SE/98

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    November 09, 2019

  • "A good Firewall to protect your PC"

Having a good firewall is very important to ensure maximum computer security, but many of them are too complicated. SecurWall offers excellent results with a really simple system.

Although the user in question does not have a high level of computer science has the possibility to configure completely the use of this firewall as well as the filters without any difficulty thanks to its intuitive interface and to the well explained that all the options are found.

The real-time protection of SecurWall consumes very few resources, so it does not lower the performance of the PC despite keeping it one hundred percent secure at all times. In addition, it offers the possibility of surfing the Internet anonymously.